Types of Life Insurance

Trying to wade through the different types of life insurance can be time consuming and confusing. With multiple types of life insurance and modifications to each of those types you can easily tie your brain in knots trying to keep them all straight.

Instead of trying to explain each and every modification of life insurance we put together a listing of the types of life insurance. Each listing will have a short description with a link to a more detailed article. As we write more articles we will add them to our list. This will allow us to give you the latest information on the types of life insurance available on the market. If you have any questions along the way feel free to contact us using our contact page that you can find at the top of this page.

Types of Life Insurance

Baby Life Insurance – The loss of a child is one of the hardest things for any parent to even fathom.  We cover some of the reasons to have baby life insurance HERE.

Final Expense Insurance – Of all the types of life insurance this one may be the most specialized.  Learn more about final expense life insurance HERE.

Five Year Term Life Insurance – One of the major differences in the types of life insurance is the amount of time that your premium stays the same. Find out more about the shortest standard term, 5 year term life insurance, HERE.

High Risk Life Insurance – Many people do not qualify for the best rates.  Understand what your options are if you only qualify for high risk life insurance HERE.

Life Insurance over 50 – As we age life insurance can become more and more expensive.  To help reduce these costs check out our page for life insurance over 50 HERE.

Joint Life Insurance – A unique type of policy usually geared toward small business partners.  Learn more about joint life insurance HERE.

Key Man Life Insurance – A specific type of term life insurance for small businesses.  Get more information about key man life insurance HERE.

Life Insurance for Elderly Individuals – Finding life insurance for the elderly comes with its own challenges.  Understand why you may need life insurance for elderly HERE.

Life Insurance for Smokers – Smoking is a major health hazard and, as a result, causes your life insurance rates to go up. This does not mean you necessarily have to pay sky high prices. You can find info on affordable life insurance for smokers HERE and get a run down on term life insurance for smokers HERE.

Low Cost Term Life Insurance – Term life insurance is one of the easiest types of life insurance to understand. For the face value it also tends to be the cheapest. Learn more about low cost term life insurance HERE.

Mortgage Life Insurance – Of the types of life insurance this one is specifically designed to help with a mortgage.  Get more information about mortgage life insurance HERE.

Quick Term Life Insurance – Getting your life insurance approved can be a major task.  Learn how to speed up the process and get quick term life insurance HERE.

Return of Premium Life Insurance – When you get to the end of your term you can get all of the premium back if you are willing to pay for that feature. Get all the information you need about return of premium life insurance HERE.

Second to Die Life Insurance – Another special type of term life insurance.  Find more details about second to die life insurance HERE.

Twenty Year Term Life Insurance – One of the two most common terms for term life insurance.  Get more information abtou20 year term life insurance HERE.

With any of the types of life insurance you will need to get a set of quotes to know exactly what your costs will be for the premiums. You can get a free set of quotes by filling out the form on the side or bottom of this page. If you would like to learn more about how to read those quotes you can check out our article on understanding term life insurance quotes HERE.

I hope this growing list is a useful tool to you and that if you are looking to get help with filling your life insurance needs that you will allow our team at termlife360.com to assist you. It would be our honor and pleasure to serve you however we can.