High Risk Life Insurance

high risk life insuranceMany consumers with health or lifestyle issues have a hard time finding affordable high risk life insurance rates.  That’s because high risk policies are a specialty area in our industry and to get the most affordable life insurance rates, you need to work with a high risk life insurance expert.

You see, every life insurance company looks at your health differently and it’s up to your agent to find the company that looks most favorably at YOU.

If you’ve been declined or rated for life insurance or told you can only get guaranteed issue life insurance, you probably just used the wrong life insurance company or the wrong agent.

This process isn’t as easy as quoting you a rate over the phone – it takes some work on our end to contact underwriters and “pitch” your case.  If you were declined life insurance and your agent didn’t go through this process with you – then please give us the opportunity to earn your business.

What Is High Risk Life Insurance?

High risk life insurance can fall within many categories.  Maybe you work at a higher risk job, like a person who works on power lines or you’re a bomb diffuser (yes, we’ve insured a bomb diffuser before).  You may participate in high risk activities like bungee jumping, skydiving, or free solo rock climbing.  Most people have some sort of health condition though.  If you have diabetes, are obese, are a smoker, have high cholesterol or blood pressure, or even bipolar disorder you are considered a high risk by the insurance company.

This means you are going to pay more in life insurance premiums than someone without the risks that you have.  So it’s important to use an independent life insurance agency that has access to all the top rated life insurance companies, so that you are getting information from the best high risk life insurance companies.  You can get much better rates by finding the right company or you may find that the rates doen’t make sense from these companies and you should go with no medical exam life insurance.  Access to companies is just one piece of the puzzle though.

How Do We Obtain The Lowest High Risk Life Insurance Rates?

Simple. We put in more time and effort than anyone in our industry and it shows in our results.  We specialize in helping those who’ve been declined in the past find affordable coverage.  How do we do this?

  • We dig deep into your health history.  We’ve seen every risk come through our office and know what information underwriters need to know.  Gathering this information is key in finding the lowest life insurance rates.
  • If needed, we send anonymous “informal applications” with your specific risk profile to all of our companies and choose the company that will give you the best life insurance rates.  Does this take a lot of time and effort?  Yes.  Will we do this for you at no cost?  Absolutely.  That’s only IF you have all the information we need.
  • We help prepare you for the life insurance medical exam.  If you’re a few pounds from a better health class, we’ll let you know.  If you have high cholesterol, we’ll advise you not to eat any fatty foods 24 hours prior.  If you have high blood pressure issues, we’ll recommend scheduling a medical exam first thing in the morning.
  • We write a cover letter “pitching” your risk to the underwriter.  This is BIG.  A good cover letter highlights positive lifestyle habits and control/compliance to your health issues.  We do this so WE can paint the picture of you to the underwriter instead of them viewing you as an application, medical exam lab results and medical records.  This is our secret weapon for high risk life insurance cases.

Unlike other agents, Termlife360.com represents YOU and not a life insurance company, like Mutual of Omaha or AIG.  Leverage our knowledge and experience of working high risk life insurance cases to benefit your life insurance purchase.  With our agency, we don’t ask for any payment information until you’re approved at rates you’re comfortable with.  So what have you got to lose?

We look forward to the opportunity of earning your trust before we earn your business.